A downloadable game for Windows

" Each character's storyline contains an opponent from each color (Blue, Yellow, Red, and Purple). Their goal is to face their true selves, but in order to do that they must defeat all of their opponents and obtain the opponents True Soul. Once they've collected 3 True Soul's, including their own (4), they put it together and meet their opposing gender bent self where after the other self is defeated they will receive their opposite True Soul and put it with their own True Soul which gives them a wish. Each character strives to achieve a wish."

The four characters have a wish, a future storyline, and a past backstory to them. They also have relationship status' with the other characters.

EX (Larissa's Relationships):

The actual gameplay that would've come out from this would be similar to Smash as there is a demo displaying the battle style.

There are currently two characters that are controllable but they cannot hit each other.

[Controls For Player 1]

Pressing 1 (Callisto) or 2 (Janus) Choose character at beginning and R to restart game.

WASD - Move [Double tap A or S to dash and use dash attacks / special]

Numpad 1 and 2 - Attack / Special (Different attacks / special if holding W [Up] or S [Down])

[Controls for Player 2]

Up,Down,Left,Right for move.

G/H - Attack/Special

Note: Player 2 is essentially broken, it would only do player 1 attacks for player 1.

There's a lot more to this concept but I haven't had the time (and will) to get going with this.


AWishAgainstReality.exe 2 MB


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I can't play the game, because when I open the .exe file all I see is a light gray screen.


This game is more of a concept rather actual game play, I appreciate you checking this one out as well.

Here's the instructions when you arrive at a gray screen

"Pressing 1 (Callisto) or 2 (Janus) Choose character at beginning and R to restart game."

So the second you see the gray screen, tap on 1 or 2 and you'll bring forth the character and just play test them for a bit. Pressing R will help you soft reset the game so you can try the other character. Unfortunately I only got around doing 2 character's move sets and not finish the game entirely.


Thank you for the reply. I have tried the game now, and like you said there is not mush game here, but what is here could be a great start to a fighting game.


Silly me made a mistake and didn't post the document to each of their stories. This concept has a lot more plot and story to it than just a bit of fancy demo game play.