A downloadable game for Windows

(Using a mix of dreamself.me and RPG maker, this game has equal dialogue and gameplay (considering it's just a demo..)

Story of a team who bless dreams and cure nightmares, they travel to a town nearby who suffers greatly from nightmares. It turns out to be so bad, that the main characters start to slowly get affected.

Typical RPGMaker Controls [I don't know most of them..]

Up,Down,Left,Right - Move

X or Z or something (or space) - Action.

When in Dungeon

A to attack, S to spell D to change spell. (For the demo, no spells included)


Dream Catcher.exe 18 MB

Install instructions

Unpackage and run exe in main folder.


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Deleted 5 years ago


Would you be interested in porting it over to MV? And don't worry, I can help you with that. I have 2 games that are examples of ports I've done.

Do you perhaps have plans with my game? I don't have the MV version of RPG Maker. I know what it can do. Let me know why you wish to port this game over.

Well I'm a game design student and I've currently been expanding my learning of RPG Maker that started with A New Home +. So your game caught my eye and I was thinking of porting it over to MV so it can be brought to MacOS along with Windows.  And I've pursued into doing the porting process of RPG Maker MV. So far it's looking good.  And maybe you can resume work on it also? I wouldn't mind helping out with that also if needed?

So how does this sound to you?

Please contact me through Discord: Kymarai#1772 .