A downloadable game

Includes a demo that has very small dialogue and just a tiny introduction. No battle system.

The guy was born into a world of evil, they raised him to be a cleaser of the filth of the world he then was sent to a village where his eyes saw sinners and potential sinners everywhere he killed them alland he was then captured by the guards of that kingdom and was sent straight to him where the cutscene begins there.

The protagonist only sees flames around him that are represented instead of humans.

N – Neutral, H – Hostile, D – Dangerous, S – Safe, A – Anything

Fire Flame      - (N) Citizens
Water Flame     - (H) Guards
Pure Blue Flame – (A) Potential Sinner NPC
Pure Red Flame  - (A) Sinner

Red Flame       - (H) Easy Enemy
Purple Flame    - (H) Normal Enemy
Yellow Flame    - (H) Hard Enemy
Blue Flame      - (H) Very Hard Enemy
Tsunami Flame   - (D) Novice Boss
Inferno Flame   - (D) Intermediate Boss
Dragon Flame    - (D) Expert Boss
Corrupt Flame   - (H) Angry Citizens

Grayscale Flame – (A) Ambiguous Character
Black Flame     - (D) Pure Evil Character
Shadow Flame    - (A) Soul-less Character
Crystal Flame   - (S) Pure Kind Character

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