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Very simple 2d Slenderman... err Slendergoat game where you go through randomly generated trees to find pages...

The more pages you find, the darker it gets, and the faster slender gets.

After the 7th page, you search for the "door" to escape and win.

CONTROLS: Up/Down/Left/Right and SPACE to collect pages.

You can escape the Slendergoat by running away from it and it will chase you very slowly starting at earlier pages. It starts to go faster as you 1. have more pages, or 2. have more chase stacks (when you run and stop, you'll notice the static screen gets more opaque, that means he runs faster). If you run through the trees, you can clear all chase stacks. That's how to escape him.


Sprites don't belong to me. I'm 200% sure it belongs to RPGmaker as I found it's content under it's library of sprites.

Music belongs Nexon, from Combat Arms (Quarentine tracks)

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Tags2D, maze


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hi and big thx for your game :) i had a lot of fun but it is very hard ;) greetings from germany